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Simple jobs in Hong Kong are becoming more attractive than ever before with sophisticated descriptions aimed at luring younger workers to submitting applications. In January of the previous year, the association of pork traders in Hong Kong put forward a suggestion that meat cutters be described as “Meat cutting technicians,” in a bid to clean up the employment drive in the community.

The new job description was made public in partnership with hiring companies retraining managers as around 40 new employees were given a 120-hour training tutorial before the start of their job.

The wage associated with the position was around HK$13000.

The employees could also take home around HK$20,000 monthly after they must have amassed enough experience in their fields. The sector is not the only one in Hong Kong that is liable to this new wave of change.

A bakery in the country, Kee Wah Bakery, had made public an opening for technical assistants in the company.

The job, which is targeted at those who have at least one year experience, requires that employees help out in the production job to achieve the goal of production and also to help with the executive in charge of production to supervise the whole production chain.

Also at a hotel in Hong Kong, the job position of a bellboy is presently being made public as a Concierge agent.

Applicants who get shortlisted must attend to guests with utmost care and professionalism, with a smile on their faces, must be well dressed and looking smart.

Fast Food Company Subway has also taken the unusual approach by giving the title of “Sandwich Artist” to its workers who help in producing their submarine bun.


  • Flexible working hours for women drivers
  • Uber targets 1,000,000 female drivers by 2020
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The branch of Uber taxicabs in Hong Kong is advocating for the International Women’s day.

The tag for this year’s women’s day celebration is Be Bold for change.

The company is looking to bolster its staff of female drivers to around 2,000 by the end of the year. The firm also stated that it currently has more than a thousand female drivers on its payroll since it began business in Hong Kong in 2014. “Today, we celebrate all feminine drivers working with our prestigious company in Hong Kong. Our company gives female drivers supple working hours to earn a living so they can concentrate on other aspects of their lives,” the general manager of the firm stated.

The vision driving the branch in Hong Kong is part of a universal plan of Uber to have more than a million female drivers partner with the company by the year 2020.

The supple working hours put forward by Uber has given women viable opportunities for employment.

An example is Casey Lee who is a mother of two kids began working for Uber in October. The supple working hours has let her take up other things like teaching and enabled her to focus on her family too.

Later at night, her spouse makes use of the car to also work for Uber. She makes roughly HK$5,000 monthly.

Other women have taken up jobs at the firm too and have found the supple working time to suit them just right.