• Work positions with the highest demand in Hong Kong
  • Reasons why there are open opportunities every day
  • Qualifications needed for the high demand work opportunities.

Even with the large number of educated professionals who reside in Hong Kong, there’s still high demand for workers in some sectors. This is because new companies are being established every day and older professionals also retire every day. Why not take advantage of that?

These are some of the work positions in Hong Kong with the highest demand:

  1. Cyber security professionals

Many companies are on the hunt for IT specialists, especially Cyber security professionals. Companies come under cyber attack more often than they would like and because of the worth of the information they keep, it is important that they have teams of professionals who will always be there to reinforce and monitor their cyber security.

  1. Business analysts

Analysts with experiences in business streams are important investments for companies and companies in Hong Kong take advantage of their benefits. If you are a business analyst who has proven to help businesses grow, there are a lot of well paying opportunities available for you in Hong Kong.

  1. Accountancy and finance

Accountancy and finance has the highest estimated demand for professionals in Hong Kong. Individuals and companies are constantly making investments and asset management has to be outsourced to professional accountants. Accountants are constantly being recruited for these companies and if you have the right qualifications, you should find it easy to get your own job.

  1. Inventory management

Inventory managers are needed by almost every company as most companies are involved in production and handling of goods. Having inventory managers help to reduce the cost of inventory, reduce the possibility and rate of theft, and ensure that the goods are kept in good condition. Having an inventory manager is important in making sure that your goods reach the buyers in the best condition.




  • Google reveals plans for South East Asia
  • Google unveils their partners for this program
  • The regional director for South East Asia reveals plans for business heads of SMEs

The most popular tech company in the world, Google, has made its plans for SMEs public. According to their regional director for South East Asia, they are in the process of building relationships and setting up collaborations with global training providers to train 1000 business owners who run their own SMEs. These plans were made public on the 20th of April, 2017.

The initiative which has been titled Squared Online for SMEs, will provide training and training materials for individuals who are in charge of small and medium sized enterprises.

Their major partner will be AVADO, which is a UK based digital transformation and leadership training company. SME owners make up a huge part of their clients and they will provide the training programs, and possibly, individuals needed for the teaching. They also plan to partner with Spring Singapore and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

The intent of the program is to train these business heads in digital leadership and marketing, providing them with the tools they need to give their small businesses big names. This module is expected to groom people who will be the next set of digital leaders.

While addressing the press, Ghislain Le Chatelier, Google’s regional director for South East Asia said, “We know that SMEs have limited resources and that they’re looking for help to grow. Getting digital and mobile right is the key to future success. By offering a dedicated digital marketing programme for SME leaders, we hope to help them export using the web, grow their customer base and thrive in an increasingly mobile-first world.”

The program will be done in batches. Each batch is expected to have 120 participants each, until their aim of 1000 people is reached. They believe that by 2019, 1000 business heads will have successfully completed the training course.



  • Tips to landing a job in Hong Kong
  • Easy steps to finding a job in Hong Kong
  • How to get a job in Hong Kong


The city of Hong Kong is a remarkable city to begin your job career. The incentives attached to it are an excellent salary package and a flat levy rate. To get employment in the city, however, requires time and perseverance.

Below are some tips to help you land that job of your dreams:

  1. Be aware of your position: before going to the city of Hong Kong, know what it is you are magnificent at. A city is a place where finance, banking, and real estate thrives.
  2. Search for jobs before landing: This would enable you to know what to do and how to plan your movement in the city. Scout for online advertisements and submit your applications.
  3. Inquire if your present job has a branch in the city: you can quickly land a job in the town if you go through your current situation and figure out if they have a branch in the city. If they do, then you can just put in a transfer to move to the city.
  4. Obtain a visitor permit and scout for opportunities in the city: This probably is not advisable, but a few foreign workers have tried their luck, and it has worked for them. You can stay in the city for up to three months on a visitor’s permit. That should be enough time to land that job, yeah?
  5. Contact hiring companies: make sure you communicate with the branches of any established hiring company with an office in the city. It is important as they can put you through the steps required to get that job.
  6. Make your CV into an acceptable format: every nation has its unique style when it comes to applying for a job. For instance, in the city, most hiring firms would require that you state your normal wage for the desired position.
  7. Become conversant with Cantonese or Mandarin: It is a tedious process to look for employment, but take your time to learn the indigenous language of the people of the land.
  8. What if you are in the city? Well, if you already are in the town with a permit, get going with online job linkers and find that dream job of yours now!
  9. Don’t be scared to freelance: to stay relevant and not die of frustration, you should consider freelancing for a while.


  • Hong Kong looking to make job titles fancier
  • Hong Kong wants to attract young workers
  • Hong Kong jobs and opportunities


Simple jobs in Hong Kong are becoming more attractive than ever before with sophisticated descriptions aimed at luring younger workers to submitting applications. In January of the previous year, the association of pork traders in Hong Kong put forward a suggestion that meat cutters be described as “Meat cutting technicians,” in a bid to clean up the employment drive in the community.

The new job description was made public in partnership with hiring companies retraining managers as around 40 new employees were given a 120-hour training tutorial before the start of their job.

The wage associated with the position was around HK$13000.

The employees could also take home around HK$20,000 monthly after they must have amassed enough experience in their fields. The sector is not the only one in Hong Kong that is liable to this new wave of change.

A bakery in the country, Kee Wah Bakery, had made public an opening for technical assistants in the company.

The job, which is targeted at those who have at least one year experience, requires that employees help out in the production job to achieve the goal of production and also to help with the executive in charge of production to supervise the whole production chain.

Also at a hotel in Hong Kong, the job position of a bellboy is presently being made public as a Concierge agent.

Applicants who get shortlisted must attend to guests with utmost care and professionalism, with a smile on their faces, must be well dressed and looking smart.

Fast Food Company Subway has also taken the unusual approach by giving the title of “Sandwich Artist” to its workers who help in producing their submarine bun.


  • Hong Kong and Expatriates
  • Expatriates love the Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Job Market


The country of Hong Kong has been a favorite destination for foreign workers to both work and live. In the years gone by, the majority of the expatriates that graced the shores of Hong Kong were majorly banking experts in the financial sector. As at 2016, it has been extended to practically almost all fields.

Obviously, the banking sector is still the top sector in the country, with Hong Kong having one of the largest amounts of banking buildings you’d find anywhere in the entire globe.

Currently, though, a lot of foreign workers are employed in the various sectors tool the first and most important thing that needs to be put into consideration is making sure that you have the proper documentation.

This entails paying attention to the different processes required to reside and work in Hong Kong. What that means is that you need a permit.

Depending on your reason for going to the country, you will have to comply with the process to make sure that you have the required papers. If you are in luck, the hiring firm that would provide you a job will take care of all the paperwork for you. Since the state of Hong Kong was recovered by China in 1997, the rush for employment from Chinese individuals has risen significantly.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that hiring companies now have to present proof that they cannot fill the required position with a local worker and so have to give the job out to expatriates.

This applies to virtually all sectors available in the country. From department such as information technology to marketing and sales, medical field to lecturing, telecommunications to research, there’s job available in every department for the best hands to find.

It is not only open to expert professionals only.

There are vacancies for lower skilled and lesser paid openings in the country. In the banking world, virtually all business is carried out in the English language.

There is a lot of garbage going around the internet that English is the only language you would need if you are applying for a job in Hong Kong. Do not believe them. To be real, English is one of the two official languages in the country, with Cantonese Chinese coming second.

Despite that fact, proficiency in either Cantonese or Mandarin will boost your chances of securing a job.




  • Flexible working hours for women drivers
  • Uber targets 1,000,000 female drivers by 2020
  • Why Uber is best company to work now


The branch of Uber taxicabs in Hong Kong is advocating for the International Women’s day.

The tag for this year’s women’s day celebration is Be Bold for change.

The company is looking to bolster its staff of female drivers to around 2,000 by the end of the year. The firm also stated that it currently has more than a thousand female drivers on its payroll since it began business in Hong Kong in 2014. “Today, we celebrate all feminine drivers working with our prestigious company in Hong Kong. Our company gives female drivers supple working hours to earn a living so they can concentrate on other aspects of their lives,” the general manager of the firm stated.

The vision driving the branch in Hong Kong is part of a universal plan of Uber to have more than a million female drivers partner with the company by the year 2020.

The supple working hours put forward by Uber has given women viable opportunities for employment.

An example is Casey Lee who is a mother of two kids began working for Uber in October. The supple working hours has let her take up other things like teaching and enabled her to focus on her family too.

Later at night, her spouse makes use of the car to also work for Uber. She makes roughly HK$5,000 monthly.

Other women have taken up jobs at the firm too and have found the supple working time to suit them just right.


  • Factors influencing job seekers’ decisions to remain with their employers
  • Factors that make employees want to leave their present jobs
  • Hongkong job seekers and benefits

Job hunters in the city of Hong Kong have selected a better salary rewarding scheme as the primary reason why they would love to change their jobs in the year 2017.

The balance between work and life was the primary reason why workers in Hong Kong say they would choose to remain with their present company, according to the latest report published in the state of Hong Kong.

The report made known the results of the employees that it polled across five nations namely; Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and China. The report also gives a salary region preferred by more than 1,200 jobs based on the poll from around 3,000 workers which stood for 6,000,000 employees in the country.

According to a report earlier published, 34% of persons polled across all nations are seriously seeking a new employment opportunity while 46% are open to new challenges in their choice of field.

Together with looking for better pay and awesome incentives to work (64% of employees preferred that, compared to the previous year’s statistic of 65%), the other major motivating factors driving employees or potential employees in the state of Hong Kong include:

  • Lack of proper advancement in their careers (around 45%)
  • The style of management employed by the firm and its cultures and values (41%)
  • The allure of a brand new challenge (33%)
  • Terrible balance between work and life (23%)
  • Worry about the security of their jobs (22%)
  • The location of their jobs (19%)
  • A lack of training or opportunities to further develop themselves (16%)
  • Others (7%)

On a national scale, the want for a better salary or greater incentives was the primary reason behind job hunters’ choice to move their attention to other countries like Japan, mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia in a bid to take up brand new challenges. That was the reason fueling a lot of job hunters’ decision to move their attention to those countries.

The major reasons why job seekers decide to remain with their present employees in Hong Kong is as follows:

  • Balance between work and life (41%)
  • Good salary and incentives package (34%)
  • Advancement of their career in their desired direction (31%)
  • Security of their current jobs (28%)
  • Location of their work (24%)
  • Opportunities to acquire more training and develop themselves (20%)
  • Management style and their ethics, beliefs, and culture (18%)
  • New challenges to surmount (17%)
  • Others (3%)


  • Benefits of working in hongkong
  • Why work in hongkong
  • Hongkong jobs benefits

Moving to any new place in the world has its pros and cons, and foreign workers who work around the world would find that Hong Kong is no different from other cities they’ve been in. The readier an individual is for the not so attractive parts of a town a person is overseas, the more success they would achieve in their bid to adapt to the environment.

The great thing about Hong Kong is that it is one destination for foreign workers with more advantages than disadvantages.

In Hong Kong, there is always a new real estate project going up in the city. This means two things; you get to hear the sweet sounds of the drills (yeah, a pain in the ears), and you can easily find an apartment to live in.

There are a lot of options available on the accommodation front, so there is a high request for housing in the city. There is also no shortage of supply. When searching for an apartment in Hong Kong, do take your time.

There are a plethora of apartments that would eventually suit your needs should you keep on searching.


  • Why engineering is the key for your future success
  • Opportunities in the engineering field
  • Why engineering is the best opportunity at this time

Engineering is a skill that can take a dedicated student anywhere and allow them to do almost anything.

There is very little that engineers are not needed for in everyday life, from the construction of bridges, buildings and the inner workings of top of the line robotics to the simplest tasks such as guitar design and children’ play structures. Turning and engineering degree into a lifelong career is a sure way to create a future that you can be proud of.

There is a high demand for engineers in many areas around the world. Quite a few of those graduating from engineering programs have been able to find jobs after six months or less after finishing their degree. The need for engineers is so great that starting salaries have been increased, incentives have been added, and the overall experience is one that many would agree is hard to pass up on.

The number of opportunities to utilize an engineering degree is plentiful enough that nearly everyone that graduates is able to pick and choose where they wish to apply.

Making good use of your engineering degree can also help to develop skills that will be used in real life situations as well as in the workplace.

Decision making, problem solving, and project management are crucial skills to any engineer and are able to be applied to most any career necessary. With these type of skills it is possible to move back and forth between different fields as engineer and to even switch industries if desired. By keeping your skill set adaptable but still desirable you will often find that engineers are in high demand in many different industries.

Such a job also offers a wide degree of variety. As an engineer you likely won’t always find yourself sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day.

Instead you will probably find yourself out in the field or at the top of a skyscraper, depending on what industry you enter, dealing with whatever task has been put into your capable hands. As a graduate you will also be able to depend upon a team, interacting with many different departments that coincide to create a business or a project.

By working with these teams and different agencies you’ll find that many eyes will be looking to you and your ideas.

Being an engineer means being the person that everyone looks to when things go wrong, as you are the most qualified to fix them.


  • How to find a job in Hongkong
  • Best Opportunities in Hongkong
  • Why Hongkong is the next destination for your success

For a long time now Hong Kong has been an attractive spot for foreigners to live and work.

In the past it was limited to mostly the banking and financial sectors, but in recent times it this desire to come to Hong Kong has extended to almost any field that a person can think of. The financial sector hasn’t taken a hit because of this, neither have the banks. Hong Kong has one of the absolute highest concentrations when it comes the number of banking institutions that can match anywhere else in the world.

But foreigners, or expats as they’re called, have little to no trouble finding work in other industries as well, so long as they follow the rules of country and are willing to jump through a few hoops.

One of the first things that needs to be done is to make certain that you possess the right paperwork. Like many other countries you can’t just walk in and expect to be treated the same as a citizen. There are forms to fill out, processes to go through, and most importantly you will need to acquire a visa.

How much difficulty you’ll find in getting into Hong Kong will depend on the reason you’re going there.

For instance, as a tourist you might only need a passport and a rudimentary understanding of the rules and etiquette for the region. As a person seeking residency and the right to work in Hong Kong you will need quite a bit more.

If you’re lucky, or prepared enough, the company that is hiring you will be able to help out with your relocation and make the transition a little easier.

Also, expect there to be some stiff competition from the locals when it comes to gaining employment. Ever since being handed back to China back in the late 1990s, employers in Hong Kong have to be absolutely certain that they can benefit more from hiring a foreigner than a local for any particular job.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be fighting tooth and nail for a job, but don’t be too surprised if a local gets the job ahead of you if they’re just as qualified.

Also, depending on the job it really doesn’t matter if you speak the local language or not. Many professions have taken to speaking English thanks to the large number of foreigners that have gone to work in Hong Kong.