Work Positions in Hong Kong with the Highest Demand in 2017

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  • Work positions with the highest demand in Hong Kong
  • Reasons why there are open opportunities every day
  • Qualifications needed for the high demand work opportunities.

Even with the large number of educated professionals who reside in Hong Kong, there’s still high demand for workers in some sectors. This is because new companies are being established every day and older professionals also retire every day. Why not take advantage of that?

These are some of the work positions in Hong Kong with the highest demand:

  1. Cyber security professionals

Many companies are on the hunt for IT specialists, especially Cyber security professionals. Companies come under cyber attack more often than they would like and because of the worth of the information they keep, it is important that they have teams of professionals who will always be there to reinforce and monitor their cyber security.

  1. Business analysts

Analysts with experiences in business streams are important investments for companies and companies in Hong Kong take advantage of their benefits. If you are a business analyst who has proven to help businesses grow, there are a lot of well paying opportunities available for you in Hong Kong.

  1. Accountancy and finance

Accountancy and finance has the highest estimated demand for professionals in Hong Kong. Individuals and companies are constantly making investments and asset management has to be outsourced to professional accountants. Accountants are constantly being recruited for these companies and if you have the right qualifications, you should find it easy to get your own job.

  1. Inventory management

Inventory managers are needed by almost every company as most companies are involved in production and handling of goods. Having inventory managers help to reduce the cost of inventory, reduce the possibility and rate of theft, and ensure that the goods are kept in good condition. Having an inventory manager is important in making sure that your goods reach the buyers in the best condition.



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