Hongkong Job Seekers in Search of Better Salary or Benefits

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  • Factors influencing job seekers’ decisions to remain with their employers
  • Factors that make employees want to leave their present jobs
  • Hongkong job seekers and benefits

Job hunters in the city of Hong Kong have selected a better salary rewarding scheme as the primary reason why they would love to change their jobs in the year 2017.

The balance between work and life was the primary reason why workers in Hong Kong say they would choose to remain with their present company, according to the latest report published in the state of Hong Kong.

The report made known the results of the employees that it polled across five nations namely; Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and China. The report also gives a salary region preferred by more than 1,200 jobs based on the poll from around 3,000 workers which stood for 6,000,000 employees in the country.

According to a report earlier published, 34% of persons polled across all nations are seriously seeking a new employment opportunity while 46% are open to new challenges in their choice of field.

Together with looking for better pay and awesome incentives to work (64% of employees preferred that, compared to the previous year’s statistic of 65%), the other major motivating factors driving employees or potential employees in the state of Hong Kong include:

  • Lack of proper advancement in their careers (around 45%)
  • The style of management employed by the firm and its cultures and values (41%)
  • The allure of a brand new challenge (33%)
  • Terrible balance between work and life (23%)
  • Worry about the security of their jobs (22%)
  • The location of their jobs (19%)
  • A lack of training or opportunities to further develop themselves (16%)
  • Others (7%)

On a national scale, the want for a better salary or greater incentives was the primary reason behind job hunters’ choice to move their attention to other countries like Japan, mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia in a bid to take up brand new challenges. That was the reason fueling a lot of job hunters’ decision to move their attention to those countries.

The major reasons why job seekers decide to remain with their present employees in Hong Kong is as follows:

  • Balance between work and life (41%)
  • Good salary and incentives package (34%)
  • Advancement of their career in their desired direction (31%)
  • Security of their current jobs (28%)
  • Location of their work (24%)
  • Opportunities to acquire more training and develop themselves (20%)
  • Management style and their ethics, beliefs, and culture (18%)
  • New challenges to surmount (17%)
  • Others (3%)

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