How to Find a Job in Hong Kong as a Foreigner

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For a long time now Hong Kong has been an attractive spot for foreigners to live and work.

In the past it was limited to mostly the banking and financial sectors, but in recent times it this desire to come to Hong Kong has extended to almost any field that a person can think of. The financial sector hasn’t taken a hit because of this, neither have the banks. Hong Kong has one of the absolute highest concentrations when it comes the number of banking institutions that can match anywhere else in the world.

But foreigners, or expats as they’re called, have little to no trouble finding work in other industries as well, so long as they follow the rules of country and are willing to jump through a few hoops.

One of the first things that needs to be done is to make certain that you possess the right paperwork. Like many other countries you can’t just walk in and expect to be treated the same as a citizen. There are forms to fill out, processes to go through, and most importantly you will need to acquire a visa.

How much difficulty you’ll find in getting into Hong Kong will depend on the reason you’re going there.

For instance, as a tourist you might only need a passport and a rudimentary understanding of the rules and etiquette for the region. As a person seeking residency and the right to work in Hong Kong you will need quite a bit more.

If you’re lucky, or prepared enough, the company that is hiring you will be able to help out with your relocation and make the transition a little easier.

Also, expect there to be some stiff competition from the locals when it comes to gaining employment. Ever since being handed back to China back in the late 1990s, employers in Hong Kong have to be absolutely certain that they can benefit more from hiring a foreigner than a local for any particular job.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be fighting tooth and nail for a job, but don’t be too surprised if a local gets the job ahead of you if they’re just as qualified.

Also, depending on the job it really doesn’t matter if you speak the local language or not. Many professions have taken to speaking English thanks to the large number of foreigners that have gone to work in Hong Kong.


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